The Hillary-is-inevitable bandwagon is in trouble

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The Hillary inevitability bandwagon seems to be headed for the ditch. The bat-guano anti-American left as personified by has decided that Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate as she would create synergy by being the first woman, Native American, and privileged, sinecured law professor to run for president:

Some Democrats are “Ready for Hillary.” is ready for Elizabeth Warren.

The liberal group is poised to spend $1 million on a campaign to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren6%Senate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard6%, the Massachusetts Democrat, into the 2016 presidential race, an indication of an appetite among some activists for a more progressive alternative toHillary Rodham Clinton.’s executive director, Ilya Sheyman, said the group planned to open offices and hire staff in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states that kick off the presidential nominating process, and ultimately to air television ads in those states. The group will begin its push with a website, “Run Warren Run,” allowing supporters to sign a petition urging Ms. Warren to pursue a White House bid and featuring a video about her.

“We want to demonstrate to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren6%Senate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard6% that there’s a groundswell of grass-roots energy nationally and in key states and to demonstrate there’s a path for her,” Mr. Sheyman said. He added that the effort was not being made in coordination with Ms. Warren and that the group advised her staff about it only last weekend.

This comes in the midst of a storm of polls that point to her as a virtual lock for the presidency. In a season that has been characterized by utterly craptacular polling, Bloomberg is pushing, so to speak, a poll that it questionable on two fronts. First, the strength of a Hillary candidacy and second, the strength of at least one GOP candidate. Via The Hill:

No Republican presidential contender is within 5 percentage points of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to a poll released Monday by Bloomberg.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush trails Clinton by 6 percentage points in a head-to-head matchup, as do Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.) and …read more    

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