You Don’t Have To Tolerate Anti-Southern Bigots

Because It’s Time…

I tend to think you should tolerate someone who disagrees with your point of view if they are decent enough to tolerate you. If it weren’t for gentlemanly differences of opinion, America wouldn’t have a horseracing industry. What you don’t have to put up with is someone who is openly bigoted against you. If they hate you, you are under no obligation to tolerate them at all.

The Slate Star Codex Blog is an acquired taste. This is a polite way of saying that I’ve acquired it, but would understand it if others didn’t. However, I’ll say without equivocation that they’ve taken home the award for All-Time Great TL/DR Blog post with the entry “I Can Tolerate Anything Except The Outgroup” by Scott Alexander. In fact, I’d argue it takes that award home in a brown paper bag like a bottle of Scotch from the ABC. In it he explains why tolerance should be selectively applied to only those who disagree with us in a decent and respectful fashion.

Why would I rave about something that will kill a significant chunk of your evening to read? Simply because it brings the explanatory power the way an AH-64 Helicopter brings the Hellfire Missiles. It explains, for one thing, why Michael Tomasky can write the following and not have to do penance in the snow with a bag over his head.

With Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Mary Landrieu4%Senate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard4%‘s ignominious exit, the Democrats will have lost their last senator in the Deep South. And that’s a good thing. They should write it off—because they don’t need it.

Conservatives feel antipathetic towards Liberals. The average Liberal is morally offended by and wants Conservatives sent to a foreign country or shot at dawn. This we get partial statistical correlation in support of from a study conducted at Stanford University. In other words, Liberals *cheer* when Michael Tomasky whips The South.

Unlike race, gender and other social divides where group-related attitudes and behaviors are constrained by social norms (Maccoby and Maccoby 1954; Sigall and Page 1971; Himmelfarb and Lickteig 1982), there are no corresponding pressures to temper disapproval of political opponents. If anything, the rhetoric and actions of political leaders demonstrate that hostility …read more    

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