2015 Could Be an Historical Inflection Point

Stop The Left And You Won't

Stop The Left And You Won’t

There have been certain years in US History where something finally just had to give. 1861, 1929, and 1968 all come immediately to mind. In each scenario, a major societal institution* reached a point where it provided obviously diminished marginal returns if not outright economic failure. This forced Americans to do something we have always pretty much hated doing and significantly change certain aspects of our society. This happens when a failed societal institution (the Thesis) is forced to compete against an alternative solution (the Antithesis). The Hegelian Dialectic ensues, and society reaches a new solution (the Synthesis).

This dialectic process has regrettably been best understood and most effectively used by the political left. Marxian political philosophy is referred to as Dialectic Materialism. It seeks the ultimate Marxian end state of history through the management of crisis. This management involves two fundamental processes. These processes involve the undermining of any Thesis that is sub-optimal to the ultimate end state and the rigorous control over the Antithesis with which a Thesis gets replaced. This allows the capable Leftist to control both the direction and the pace of history to taste and to overdetermine** the course of events.

In each of the prior years I listed above, the United States became a more Leftist country. In 1861, the economic and moral failures of slavery in the Southern and Western United States led to the American Civil War which in turn led to a vastly more aggressive role for the central government. The economic failures related to the Depression of 1929 led President Herbert Hoover to double the rate of Federal spending and this gave his successor FDR the opportunity to install a permanent American Social Welfare State. This welfare state reached its point of diminishing social and economic returns by the mid to late 1960’s. Thus, 1968 was the year in which the political failures of the Aging New Deal drove the fortunes and regrettably the policies of both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. This lead to the rise of Equalitarian, socially Marxian Post-modern America. In 2015, it appears that utopian, leftist vision of America has collided with the cold, iceberg of reality.

Much of the left is enraged as the New Year begins. There …read more    

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