Moral Relativists Troll #CharlieHebdo Attacks

It is truly amazing the leaps that some will make in order to continue their own narratives no matter what realities are getting in the way. Moral relativism is the refuge of the morally ambiguous. Those who believe that concepts like “good” and “evil” are constructs of ideologies and that the truly enlightened have long since dispensed of these cursed absolutes.

Never recognizing the contradiction that believing absolutes don’t exist is itself an absolute, moral relativists spend days like yesterday trying to find stories that they believe will support their worldview.

Yesterday’s attacks were an assault on freedom of speech carried out by adherents to a form of Islam that commands them to make the whole world submissive to their ideology. The evidence that this version of Islam is pervasive and that its members are legion is hardly disputable. The civilized world has spent 15 centuries pushing back on this extremism whether it was during the Crusades – which were primarily a response to the Muslim empire expanding into Europe through conquest – or in Iraq & Afghanistan in the last decade.

That there are moderate or peaceful Muslims who do not adhere to this ideology is wholly irrelevant to the scores of followers who believe their religion mandates that the world shall be made Islam. This are of course, the ones that we remain concerned about.

Events like yesterday’s horrific attacks, prompted by drawings of Islam’s prophet Muhammed as illustrated in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, are in keeping with this goal of world domination. Whereas some Christians or Jews might take offense at similar images of Jesus or Abraham, by and large it is not the position of either religion that nonbelievers must themselves follow the laws of their respective religions, the form of Islam that instructed yesterday’s attacks uses violence to enforce their rules on others, regardless of their own beliefs.

So with that background on what was behind yesterday’s attacks, and with the understanding that all of this explanation is way too “simple” for the pontificating moral relativists I mentioned earlier, would you be surprised to know that multiple people are genuinely and sincerely making the case that Jerry Falwell suing Larry Flynt for libel in the 1980’s is roughly equivalent to the murder of 12 people?

Our own Caleb Howe first alerted the world to the absurd comparison yesterday afternoon.

Seriously, MSNBC guest right now saying this is same exact thing …read more    

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