Tech at Night: This industry is getting faster-than-inflation gains due to regulation

Tech at Night

I do apologize for this post being late and shorter than usual but work was really rough this week and I’m kind of catching up with myself this weekend.

The biggest hidden part of your cable bill is the bill you pay for your local channels. So-called Retransmission Consent fees are huge, and growing every year, becoming an ever-more important part of the revenue for the major networks, and the local channels.

Free, over the air channels never got so expensive.

The worst part is, nobody thinks of those channels getting more and more expensive, so people blame the cable companies for passing through costs that are the fault of regulations.

That’s why the Local Choice Act was a good idea, letting people opt out of local channels they don’t want, to cut their bills by that much. John Thune I suspect won’t give up on the idea just yet. Maybe with a Republican Senate…

Take a look at any set of recent tech headlines. See how often things are getting broken into, and you’ll see thy the Internet of things is a bad idea. Do you want Ikea and Maytag in the business of fighting off Russian hackers?

Freeloaders shouldn’t dot he crime if they can’t do the time.

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This is your reminder that Netflix is sabotaging its own customers to lobby for extreme cronyist politics.

I’ve sadi it before, but don’t buy fake iPhone chargers.

Demorat picking winners and losers as payback because a member of Congress doesn’t like what a local team is doing with its television broadcasts. Disgusting.

So Google is going to push encryption in Android. If this is actually police search-resistant, which is no sure thing, it will be interesting to see the consequences of this, and whether third parties like Samsung will play along.

Germany is getting nosy and I hope google tells them to stuff it.

California’s Phone Kill Switch law is taking effect on iPhones.

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Paul Davis’ “Kansas Values”: Busted Getting A Strip Club Lap Dance


Kansas Democrats have not had a great year. They had to go to court to get their own Senate candidate thrown off the ballot. Now comes news that their gubernatorial candidate, Paul Davis, got busted in a strip club in 1998 while getting a lap dance.

Politico has the story:

In [1998, Davis] was getting a lap dance at a strip club when cops raided it in search of drugs, a situation Paul Davis on Saturday described as being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Davis was not charged with any crime, but a police chief involved in the raid wrote afterward that he had been drinking and was found “in a somewhat compromising position … in a back room of the club.”

According to police reports, he was alone with a topless stripper who was wearing only a G-string.

Davis, who was unmarried at the time, identified himself as an attorney for the owner of the strip club after an officer ordered him at gunpoint to lie on the floor during the raid for methamphetamine.

So, Davis’ defense to all this is that…he was defending the meth-dealing strip club owner at the time. And he was getting the lap dance…just as a professional courtesy?

Mind you, Davis has made a very big deal in his campaign of the notion that he stands for “Kansas values.” The first heading on the “about the candidate” section on his website is headed, “Middle class beginnings, Kansas values” and begins, “a lifelong Kansan, Paul Davis is the son of two teachers who instilled in him the middle class Kansas values that bind our state together – hard work, education, and family.” Davis has touted the support of a group called “Republicans for Kansas Values,” notwithstanding the fact that – as Politco has previously reported – “it turns out some on the Democrat’s list aren’t actually Republicans — and at least one Republican isn’t backing him.” But the important thing is that Paul Davis says he is for Kansas values, and Paul Davis is an honorable man.

Kansas values, indeed.

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Pre-game prayer ban defied in Tennessee


For nearly eighty years the Oneida (Tennessee) High School football team had opened its games with a prayer. Naturally, such an act could not be allowed to stand. The comically misnamed American Civil Liberties Union and the bigots of the Freedom from Religion Foundation objected and sent a letter to the Oneida Special School District promising the usual bouts of litigation, an activity that is expensive for a school district and a fund raising scheme for the ACLU and FFRF. The school district folded like a cheap suit and ordered that pre-game prayers cease.

Kevin Acres, the voice behind the loudspeaker for many years, was told that instead of leading the crowd in a pre-game prayer as had been done for close to eighty years he was instructed to initiate a moment of silence.

When Oneida’s football coach Tony Lambert heard the moment of silence initiated over the loudspeaker for the first time he said it gave him a “sick feeling in my stomach.”

Now, that’s typically the end of the story. It has been at dozens, probably hundreds, of schools around the country.

But at Oneida, Acres surprisingly added, “if you want to say a prayer, that would be perfectly fine.”

Senior Cheer Co-Captain, Asia Canada, didn’t miss a beat.

Asia Canada is a cheerleader for Oneida. She and her squad felt a moment of silence wasn’t enough, so they took action.

“He called for the moment of silence and I started off, ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ and everyone joined in,” said Canada.

Even the visiting team’s cheerleaders and fans joined in.

“When they started saying it, the crowd started saying the Lord’s prayer. And by the time the prayer was over with, the entire stadium was saying it,” said Acres.

Co-Captains Alley Meyers (left) and Asia Canada

The move to ban public prayer is nothing more that a petty activity carried out by tiny and morally corrupt people. Like it or not, America is a religious nation and in may communities, though not enough, religion plays a significant role. While the notional reason for the mindless jihad the ACLU and hate groups like the FFRF continue to carry out against Christianity… I say Christianity and not religion because you can look long and hard to find an instance of either of those groups harassing Muslims in Dearborn, MI… is tolerance. Tolerance is the deity of the modern left and in its view nothing is …read more