MSNBC: those Nazis in Texas with their driver’s license laws! (…Which are much like, erm, Maryland’s*.)

OK, let’s set the scene:

[Lynne] Messinger said she spoke to a clerk at the desk, and explained that she had a California driver’s license. She has houses in both California and Texas and goes back and forth between the two, but decided several years ago to switch her voting residency to Texas.

The clerk left for a few minutes, then told her to take a seat. At that point, Messinger said, a state trooper summoned her into his back office, saying he needed to speak to her. Once inside his office, Messinger said the trooper insisted on seeing all the documentation she had brought, and demanded to know where she lives and pays taxes. He even told her she could be jailed for driving with a California license.* It is illegal to drive in Texas on another state’s driver’s license 90 days after moving into the state.

The asterisk there is NBC’s shamefaced admission that, yes, it is in fact illegal for Texas residents – like, say, Lynne Messinger – to drive on an out-of-state license after a certain point. But what NBC (and, presumably, MSNBC) forgot to mention is that this is not even remotely uncommon. Take my own current state of residence (Maryland): new residents must get an in-state driver’s license within sixty days of moving. If they do not, then they are considered to be driving without a valid driver’s license… which is a misdemeanor that can result in a fine of up to $500 and two months in jail.

I’m not going to research all fifty states, here. I suppose that it’s possible that Texas and Maryland are the only two states in the country that consider it a crime to drive without a license, and that under certain circumstances that crime can be punished with jail time. But I suspect that it is not – so how about it, MSNBC? Are you ready to imply that the true-Blue state of Maryland a Nazi-like regime, too? – Because, honestly, I’d pay money to see MSNBC do that on their network*.


Progressive woman who is told she can’t live in Texas and keep a California driver’s license thinks this is “Nazism.”

— Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) October 25, 2014

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Tech at Night: In which the US Government sounds uncomfortably like a foreign dictatorship

Tech at Night

If we look around the world, we see the enemies of freedom on the march, taking steps to control, to coordinate, to lie, and to destroy.

The problem comes when our own government gets into the act, and starts down the path of what all those other countries are doing.

In China, the Communists have an active, paid campaign of misinformation.

China and Russia, the two countries Edward Snowden collaborated with against America, are also working together online.

Hungary is taxing the Internet, and as we remember, the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Germany is attacking the free flow of the Internet by insisting information be kept on servers in Germany.

China is also monitoring the Internet for what it deems misinformation. Oh did I say China? I meant the Obama administration. Ajit Pai is right to call this out, as are Congressional Republicans. Ajit Pai is the man.

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Rape, Sex Offender, these are subjective terms for Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper

Tonight was the last of the gubernatorial debates in Colorado. Hickenlooper, who is ahead of Bob Beauprez by .2% in the RCP average, finished off his debate series with yet another blooper.

The incumbent democrat had what may be considered in Akin moment. When Bob Beauprez brought up the fact that under Gov. Hickenlooper’s watch regulations were put in place that allow sex offenders to work around children and not have it affect their parole, Hickenlooper explained that sex offender doesn’t mean sex offender … Maybe it just means statutory rape.

But the good bartender doesn’t stop there. Oh no, he goes on to say that maybe charging a person with statutory tape isn’t even fair.

We can count on a clarifying statement from the Governor, no doubt. After all, that is what Hickenlooper does after all of his bloopers. He lied to the Sheriff’s about speaking to Bloomberg. Then clarified. He said he only signed one if the gun control laws because a staffer promised someone he would. Then he clarified.

From the ballot returns so far, which show a strong advantage for the GOP, I feel safe in saying I am not the only one in Colorado who has grown tired of these clarifications.

Maybe we should all get used to saying “Gov. Bob Beauprez.”

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